Comic 338 - May I have an otter?

4. September, 2017 in The hunt
May I have an otter?
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Big Nemo 4th Sep 2017, 10:58 AM edit delete reply
Big Nemo
I remember reading this comic on Keenspace. I loved it! I believed it was discontinued! Where have you been?

...damn, now I have to read it from the beginning...
Yuoma 5th Sep 2017, 1:49 AM edit delete reply
It petered out because of a lot of reasons. Keenspace being unreliable was a big one. I'm back now so keep checking in
Altan 5th Sep 2017, 10:15 PM edit delete reply
I actually only found out you were back because I reread it from time to time, and have been checking in every so often for updates.

You were never moved to my dead webcomics folder. You're too good for that.

Glad you're back, and I can't wait to see Gardoteg raise some hell.
Yuoma 6th Sep 2017, 2:06 AM edit delete reply
you're trying to make me cry, but that will never happen!!!
Yuoma 6th Sep 2017, 2:08 AM edit delete reply
also, how did you get here from re-reading it?!? I haven't been able to link the old site to this one...
Altan 7th Sep 2017, 3:20 AM edit delete reply
Checking for updates over the course of years led me from the old Keenspace to your DeviantArt to eventually Twitter, when I was trying to figure out if you'd just died.

From there, it's just been an eye on DeviantArt whenever I read back through it.

I am, by the way, glad that you didn't just die.
Yuoma 7th Sep 2017, 10:29 AM edit delete reply

also, you're my new favorite person. don't tell my wife.

if you do subscribe on FB let me know it's you, and tell me who your favorite character is, and I'll draw that.

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