Comic 390 - Coccoon

17. September, 2018 in The hunt
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Author Notes:

Yuoma 17th Sep 2018, 11:58 PM edit delete
And with that, The story of Aslan ends, and the tale of Aslan begins.

A thousand thank yous to Carm for writing most of this chapter, allowing me to just focus on the art, which I think helped a ton. click her name to check out her instagram.

what did you guys think of this chapter?
what do you think of the comic so far?


Carm 18th Sep 2018, 10:47 AM edit delete reply
It was a pleasure to help with the comic. It was an interesting experience for sure. Thank you for letting me be part of it. ^-^

I really liked this chapter...not only because I helped with some of it, but because it focused on Aslan and Bothello. Two of my favorites. :)

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